High Definition GoPro3+

High Definition GoPro3+

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inexpensive High Definition Aerial Photography and Video Service Now Available!

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On March 6th a Federal judge in the matter of Huerta vs. Pirker has lifted a FAA ban on the commercial use of UAV or drone devices capable of gathering high definition stunning aerial video or still photographs.  That means the cost of gathering great aerial images has been reduced greatly!  Your videos are considered absolutely confidential and shared only by the client!

Drones are far less expensive than hiring helicopters or fixed wing aircraft, pilot and a photographer!  Images can be obtained at much lower altitudes than conventional aircraft. 

I use a DJI  phantom 2 quadcopter with a three axis stabilizing gimbal.  Also onboard is a video broadcasting device that allows me to actually see in real time what the drone sees!  

The cameras used are the GoPro Hero3+ that provide high definition 1080P 60 FPS video or 12 MP stills.  

Paul Huebl is a licensed private investigator, TV news producer and multi-media journalist.  Huebl is now offering clients stunning aerial stills and video shot from low altitudes.  

Huebl can provide clients with unlimited still shots or artfully edited video for whatever lawful purpose you need. 

Huebl is normally in either the Los Angeles or Phoenix area but will travel worldwide for those special assignments such as:

***Gathering video for real estate marketing purposes.  Nothing shows high dollar real estate better then gorgeous high definition aerial video.

***News gathering video of, events, crime scenes, accidents, disturbances or fires.

***Court exhibits of real estate involved in criminal or civil litigation with testimony where needed. 

***Documenting and examining properties for storm damages or defects.

***Aerial searches of properties for stolen equipment, livestock or vehicles.

***Capturing stunning aerial video of your ocean side event or outdoor wedding.

YouTube by necessity compresses the video.  This video I Shot near Chicago is both stunning and magnificent on  65 inch LED TV screen.   This is actually unedited but for the title.   YouTube cannot yet do it justice.

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